Three Sons and the Lion
Story from Ms. Namata in Uganda
This story is about the beginning of life in our culture defined by a man considered to be the first Muganda. He was called Kintu and this man had Three children one was called Gipili the oldest and Labongo in the middle and Walumbe the youngest. That is back in the day when Kintu was sick and almost dying. He tried to find of the three sons who was to become the successor or the hare of him so he gave his three sons a test that from that test he is going to prove who was the best to play the role of a father.

So Kintu put three pots of milk in the jungle deep down the river that it was a long way back home and first and foremost he sent the oldest son to go and bring that milk when he was sick. The oldest son went and carried that pot but it was heavy when he got somewhere he found a lion and this lion told him, “Give me that milk and I 'll let you go free!” But this boy was so scared he decided to give the milk to the lion and when he was back home without the milk and explained to the sick dad what had actually happened to the milk, the dad was sympathetic. That he sent the second son to go for the second pot but when he was also coming back home he met the lion and the story was the same but this time the second son tried to explain to the lion that dad was sick and he needed milk. So he gave the lion half of the pot and brought the half back and explained the incident to the dad. The dad Kintu decided to send the youngest son for the last pot. When the young boy was coming with the milk he again met the same lion who wanted to drink the milk, but this time the boy insisted that it was for dad and he was sick he needed the milk to make it. The lion tried to convince the young boy but he refused to give it the milk and he said that if the lion wants to eat him let it just eat him up! But he is not going to give the milk to the lion.
He went home with all the milk and he found dad was not actually home. Dad came later and thanked the youngest son for bringing the milk and he gave him the spear and the shield meaning that he the man enough to protect the rest of the brothers. The boy found out that the lion was actually the dad dressing in the lion skin.